Monday, 18 July 2011


I participated in my first Webinar two days ago.  Our library service is replacing the current resource discovery tool with a Serials Solution product - Summon- a 'web-scale discovery tool'. 

Rather than commenting on the content of the training/seminar my reason for posting this event is to comment on the online- ness of it.
As a LIS student intending to remain within the academic library environment once qualified, I will no doubt have to participate and/or lead webinars.  Distant learning, online learning and multiple international sites are already typical within  HE education provision and is growing within my current HE institution.  It follows that the library support provision in its various manifestations will  be both embedded within these packages whilest also needing to meet the requirements and expectations of these users/customers.  Just as standing up in front of a new cohort of students leading an induction or information literacy session  will take some getting use to, so will conducting/leading a webinar.  Instead of my voice bouncing off of the walls as I scan the audiance for responsivness, a whole new set of skills will be needed.  Thank goodness my reluctance to the online environment is being challanged by cpd23. 

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