Friday, 15 July 2011

Thing Four

I found this 'Thing' very useful as it forced me to participate; however for me 'current awareness' still sits firmly within attending seminars, reading journal articles, the latest title and conferences etc.  I know I'm missing the point, but I need to quicken my pace before I get the 'online current awareness'.
So Twitter, RSS and Pushnote:
I still need a lot of time and practice to grasp the 3 tools but I'm signed up and I'm interested.
For now I think the RSS/webfeed is the most useful, perhaps because I already understood the concept though wasn't actually using it.  The Google Reader took a bit of getting use to (the dashboard/ navigation etc) again it’s just about using it.  I may investigate other readers.

Twitter maybe the most enjoyable to use, though for me it still feels a step to far.  However it makes me feel like I'm in the 'online loop'.  Tina Reynolds said "Hello!" ( very generous - thank you!!) and I instantly got 2 followers (how and why?). I will persevere and I intend to learn the etiquette and rules.
Pushnote is a little bit 'advanced' for my level of online use; skimming a few reviews/blogs it seems that Pushnote isn't up to much (I really can't comment).

To conclude, my overall concern is still - 'will I have the time and inclination to use these tools'?
Or will I by the end of cpd23 be transformed into an online aware participant?

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