Monday, 27 June 2011

Thing Two

I have to admit I was slightly overwhelmed by some of the blogs - proficient and adept (I'm sure I'll learn 'a bit' as I go along) - witty and wonderfully written (not sure that will happen for me!) - or just energetically enthusiastic (I know for sure that at some point I will resist my blogging commitment ).  To complete Thing two, I put aside my initial flicking from one random blog to another and documented a short pathway. 
First stop: A librarian learning to blog - title appealed. Second: A Serendipitous anthology - again title appealed; serendipity has always been one of my favourite past times as a library patron and now working in an art library I find that it is a favoured search method used by art students. Third:  Action by Havoc - title got me again; the issue of 'reflective practice' hit a cord and spurred me to post my first ever comment. Fourth: Every burnt book enlightens the world - I know I'm repeating but fabulous title; a soon to be fellow UCL colleague so dropped a comment.  Last stop: Subversive Librarian (something that I would like to be) no posts when I last visited but I'll be back.

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