Wednesday, 22 June 2011

First post – Thing one

The cpd23 course was recommended to me by a colleague and having looked at the line up of topics I decided to jump in. ‘Jumping in’ refers to my lack of blogging experience. - I really hope to discover that I have interesting observations to make and the stamina to maintain a continuous stream of words.

I’m currently working in an art library and studying part-time for my MA in Library and Information Studies. I'm a late entrant into the profession; my previous background is in the creative sector. Perhaps this is an area that I can document; the world of the mature soon to be newly qualified.  The different pathways to the profession intrigue me; the majority of my qualified colleagues have fascinating stories to tell of how they arrived at their ultimate career choice.  The raving hardcore DJ that decided one morning enough is enough – library school it is.  Or the wandering intellectual tour guide that decided to put down roots.

Responding to Thing 1's prompt: I’m hoping to become proficient or at least knowledgeable in most of the areas/topics covered - however 4, 6 and 12  will be particularly beneficial for me........ that's about it


  1. Aw- I come from an arty background, and always thought Art libraries were something I should follow up-but never got round to it!
    Be lovely to hear what you get up to.

  2. Hi - your blog struck a chord with me as I'm trying to change career into the library profession from the arts/theatre sector, & also consider myself to be in the 'mature' category!